Service Industries

Medical And Dental

Advanced Precision produces components for leading medical device manufactures who require repeatable precision manufacturing capabilities to support such applications as Laparoscopy, da Vinci Surgical System, and dental instrumentation. 


We proudly service the aircraft industry both domestic and abroad, commercial and military. Our equipment is state of the art and our expertise is vast providing crafted products used on the flight decks, galleys, and lavatories. 

This combination of superior equipment and dedicated expert staff allows us to provide the best customer experience possible. 


We are a prime contractor for the government and supply machined components for arms, armaments, ammunition and targeting systems. Throughout our history we have developed close relationships with other government contractors to provide integral parts to for the Apache and Cobra helicopters as well as many other government programs.


Looking forward has always been a priority with Advanced Precision. We serve the Aerospace industry knowing that space exploration is the future. We provide expertly machined parts destined for space applications including telecommunications, weather tracking, missile defense and geo-positioning industries, along many others.